The service was extraordinary. The office is clean and smells great, and as soon as you walk in, someone is at the desk ready to take your name and your appointment. They have a bunch of products on sale while you wait, and the dog/cat waiting areas are separated, which is really helpful since my dog hates cats. You hardly have to wait, and don't have to fill out a ridiculous amount of paperwork. As soon as you get into the examination room, someone is ready to assist you, and the vet is not far away. The vets there were able to answer all my questions and more. They also sell flea/tick/heartworm preventatives for under any website price, and they come with rebates. The service is excellent and so are the prices! I strongly recommend this office.


Fantastic vet!  We have lived here for a little less than a year and needed to find an Orlando vet when we first moved here for boarding purposes.  Both our cat and our dog have been boarded here and they always come out happy (well, not so much the cat...but you know how they are) tails wagging and ready to go!  The cat pretty much hates us all the time.  ;)  Their fees are very reasonable and we feel completely comfortable leaving our pets here.

Our cat has been sick twice (once today, and we have an appt), but the service was amazing.  They took the time to explain what the issues were and I didn't feel they were trying to milk me for all my money because they would explain what things didn't need to be done and what did.  The estimate they gave us made me want to cry, but when all was said and done, it was about half the cost because they explained things on the estimate that were unnecessary.  I love that!!  The Vet also called me over several days to check up on our cat and make sure he was doing ok.  It was very reassuring!  

The staff is super friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the services they provide, etc.  It's a nice, clean, friendly can't go wrong!


I moved to Orlando seven months ago from Tallahassee, where I couldn't find a decent vet to save my life. I chose this orlando veterinarian since it was around the corner from my apartment. I figured I'd take the chance.

The doctors could not be nicer. Not only do they treat your pet like their own, they go above and beyond to help out. Two of my three animals have potentially serious illnesses that can become threatening without good veterinary care. My dog has a tick-borne blood disease, which sometimes requires medication. When I explained this, Dr. Lindblad did all the necessary tests and called me herself to go over the results. My cat has feline asthma. Once again, Dr. Lindblad called me herself after doing research into medication for feline asthma. She took the time to discuss the options with me after doing research on her own! I've never had a vet like this, ever.

I love this place so much I took my mom's dog here for her checkup. Dr. Taylor, a different vet with the clinic, treated my mom's dog the same way Dr. Lindblad treated my animals. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone I know who has animals!  


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